Feel confident and sell with ease

I know what it feels like:


You've spent time consuming content and reading books looking for the right formula to define your niche and ideal client but your mind is still not clear about who you specifically serve.


You're struggling to step into your target audience's shoes and feeling like you don't have the right words because you don't know their deepest pain points.


Your content strategy isn't working, you really want to get your messaging right but it's not coming across and capturing your ideal client's attention.


You don't wanna sound salesy or annoying when talking about your services and the idea of selling
you think might bother them and you feel stuck.


You're struggling to connect your business with the people you'd love to serve and convert them into paying clients.

What if you had something...

Clarity. To finally get that greater clarity you're looking for, so you can successfully connect with your target audience.

Customer Research. That is going to give you the the right action plan you need to get the priceless insights about your market.

Action Plan. To craft and design a winning communication strategy that draws people to your business.

Confidence. That is going to take away the fear and self-doubt that your inner voice brings you, and start fruitful conversations with your prospects.

Business growth. That is going to give you the tools you need to create new clients and monetise your great work.

You're in the right place! I'm here to help you!


I'm Maikol, and I have definitely been on the wrong direction, just like you.

I know what it really takes to get your message across clearly and to stop feeling awkward. I was really confused about who specifically I was talking to, their problems and desired outcomes.

Completely lacking in strategy, without speaking about my fears and blocks around selling. Things started to change with the help of my partner.

She has always created and held space for me to explore, question and grow through the challenges that I have faced. She coached me to gain confidence and find clarity in my coaching business.

That's exactly what I do today: helping service-based business owners connect with their ideal customers, feel inspired to sell and achieve their business goals.

If you are an ambitious woman entrepreneur committed to taking your business to the next level

I'm happy to introduce to you...


Develop a personalised action plan that will give you the tools and confidence to start to win your clients hearts and minds, so you can grow a thriving online business in a enjoyable way.


Deep dive into your belief systems and target audience's language. Get crystal clear about your messaging, and positioning to specifically tell them the transformation you provide.


Identify your limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks keeping you stuck, so that you can consciously begin to start thinking what you can give instead of what you can get.


Learn how to communicate effectively by building trust. Develop a personalised step by step action plan to show up confidently and create a safety space where people want to work with you.


you will:

Understand how to gain priceless insights about your market and the exact language they use to describe what they want and why.

Learn how to market yourself in a genuine and authentic way so you can freely talk about what your service-based business can do for them.

Create a tailored content strategy that gets you seen, heard and makes people say: "That's me!"

Have crystal clarity on your target audience and ideal client so you can build strong business foundations and solid next steps on your services and approach.

Understand how to leverage Instagram as a platform to build trust, connect with your prospects and get you business.

Learn how to show up confidently and let people know how to work with you, without feeling salesy.

Step into the act of selling with heart, passion and authenticity, and get a solid belief system around sharing your work. 

Increase confidence around your business and create new clients for your service-based business.


12 x 60min. transformational coaching sessions on Zoom

Video replies of each calls so you can rewiew every details

A dedicated access to a Google Drive folder with worksheet, PDF and resources - forever

Assignments for in between calls

Direct access to me. This can be done via email, text or Whatsapp.


What people say about it



Social Media Manager & Strategist

Working with a Maikol has been such a pleasure! I remember talking with him about how confused I am with my target audience and ideal client. I didn't know how to gain clarity about it in the first place. And when I made the decision for him to be my coach, I knew I am up for massive changes. Not only did I gain clarity on who I want to serve, but I also got a road map of how to rinse and repeat the process whenever required. His program helped me gain confidence, clarity, and solid next steps on my services and approach. If you are stuck literally anywhere in your online service-based business, he is the man for you. He will walk you through each and every aspect of your business and make sure you do it well. From building foundations to communicating your message through social media, his program is the right investment you can make for yourself!


Instagram-Coaching-Business 1

Roberta tafuri

Grafic & Visual Designer

I got to know Maikol while chatting with him on Instagram. I immediately realized his ability to understand my struggles, and give me useful and actionable tips to move forward. I was struggling to connect with my ideal client, and felt stuck with my marketing message on Instagram. By working together, I become more aware of my "reason why", my target audience's needs, and the exact words they needed to hear from me. Session after session I got absolute clarity on my direction to improve my Instagram presence. Thanks to its guidance I started to acquire knowledge of the importance of listening, which helped me to better serve with my clients and get new ones. I felt involved and constantly supported. I recommend Maikol's coaching programme to anyone who feels stuck or confused but ready to commit to reach their goals. 


francesca parolin

Digital Communication Specialist & Visual Content Designer

I'm a Digital Communication Specialist and Visual Content Designer, most of my communication is on Instagram. I wanted someone to see me from the outside - my business, my mindset, who gives me a guidance of my work on the platform. Maikol gave me exactly this. He helped me boost my confidence, start connecting with my ideal client and building a fruitful presence on Instagram. Shifting the attention away from myself and focused intently on the plight of my ideal client is what made the difference. I started to get more clarity and I was able to start new fruitful conversations which lead to new working collaborations. I definitely recommend Maikol coaching programme, even if you think you know Instagram like the back of your hand!

I'm ready to help you create new possibilities and achieve your goals!

Let's start working together!