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Instagram Coach, Content Creator & Podcaster.

I have a Master Degree in Trade Marketing & Commercial Strategies. I’m passionate about digital marketing, creativity and learning.

I used to work in the music field and in the fashion industry. My work experiences led me to where I am now. 2 years ago I embraced my love for one of my favourite social media platform: Instagram.

Deciding to build my own business from scratch as a coach brought me to have a deep understanding about my mission: help creative entrepreneurs come up with ideas and strategies to market their business through organic Instagram grow.


I believe in a Instagram Marketing where you are showing your authenticity and convey your brand values


If you have asked yourself...

How can I master Instagram without stressing out?

How can I manage my time and  being more productive and consistent?

Which is the best strategy to achieve the results I want?

How can I engaged with my followers and sell through Instagram?

You're in the right place! I'm here to help you!


 Develop an Instagram strategy that will give you the tools and confidence to start connecting with your ideal clients and sell your product/service online.

Are you ready to step up your Instagram presence?

During the Coaching Program with Maikol you will:

Define your Niche. Choosing and understanding your target market and ideal follower.

Creative Content Creation. Generating new post and stories ideas for your specific business.

Find your Hashtags. How to conduct hight quality hashtag research that give your post more reach.

Create Compelling Instagram stories. Everything you need to know about using effectively IG stories to grab people's attention.

Posting & Planning. Content planning strategy to create post and stories by saving your time. 

Organic Engagement Growth. Step by step strategies for encouraging people to visit your feed and how to convert them to followers.

Instagram Analytics. Understanding and using your insights to improve your strategic decisions.

What my clients are saying?


I’ve reached out to Maikol because I needed to improve my Instagram presence and the quality of my content.His support was essential for me to focusing on my personal branding and find new ideas to improve my positioning.

I really enjoyed his creativity and organizational approach, not easily found in other coaches doing the same job.

What I appreciated most is the awareness acquired in being able to master a social marketing tool that before I did not use to its maximum business potential.

Maikol is a guide in tailoring a personalised programme, he is very available for any type of support, and has proved to be an excellent partner for new professional and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Andrea Mazzon - Business Coach


"The collaboration with Maikol was a real turning point for our little GastroBar. We finally started having effective visibility with Instagram and many customers who didn't know us in Berlin too. The most interesting thing is that he was able to grasp our core values and transfer them in people's mind."

Nicola & Martin - Iandi Gasto Bar owners


I'm a Photographer and visual content designer and most of my communication is on Instagram. I needed someone to see me from the outside my business and vision as well, to give me a true opinion of my work. Maikol gave me exactly this. She helped me boost my confidence in creating a great community and building a fruitful presence on the platform.

I definitely recommend his coaching program, even if you think you know IG like the back of your hand!

Francesca Parolin - Photographer & Visual Content Designer



I work for a company that deals with travel and books, and instagram was something that just wasn't really working for us. It's not something I used personally, so struggled to work out the best way to do it. I'd done a few online courses but nothing had really helped me. I contacted Maikol and right from the first session I noticed a huge difference! The format of his sessions are great and he really personalises them to you and your specific needs. He also sends a summary email at the end of every session, which is really useful to have to look back on. If I have a look at my instagram feed I can pinpoint the first post I did after our first session - the picture and the insights are completely different! Thank you very much Maikol, and I'll definitely be back for further followup sessions when I need them!

Charlotte, Co-Founder - TripFiction Online Book Travel Guide Company


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